Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel better after our Teatox, we'll give you a full refund.

From £19.99 for A 14 Day Detox

That's just £1.43 per day for both AM Detox and PM Cleanse teas.

All Natural

100% natural. Safe and gentle cleansing and detox.

What is Essential Teatox?

It’s the natural way to feel good and live better.

Our detox teas contain a high-quality 100% natural formula of herbs and extracts, with no artificial colours or preservatives.

These ingredients have been carefully curated to give you optimal, lean results for your detox and cleanse. How do we know? They've been around for centuries and we've just combined all the best into one product - giving you the essential weight loss, body cleanse and energising all-in-one solution!  

Kick start your day with our AM Detox tea. This delicious and refreshing tea will help you to feel more energised and less lethargic through our carefully curated and 100% natural pick-me-up ingredients.  

Then, before bed, enjoy the PM Cleanse tea, a nourishing tea which will aid colon cleansing, is gentle on the tummy and will help your body smoothly eliminate toxins in the morning.

The Essential Teatox Way


There is no difference between the 14 day Essential Teatox and the 28 day Essential Teatox other than the length of supply.

If you are looking to do a light detox or a quick pick-me-up then use the 14 day option. If you are looking for a deeper cleanse or want long term benefits then use the 28 day option.


We aim to get your order in the post the same day. This means that your order is with you the next day. We use Royal Mail delivery for our UK orders and a carefully selected group of couriers for our international orders.


Making a cup of Essential Teatox tea could not be simpler. Using your favourite mug, drop the tea temple into freshly boiled water, steep for a couple of minutes and then enjoy.

Feel free to leave in there longer for a stronger taste.